Our vision

Resilient and prosperous Pacific farmers with fair and respectful business relationships across Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific region.

Our mission

To be a respected partner in providing platforms and expertise for Pacific farmers to supply premium products to Australasian markets.

what we do

Market Access

our work

Securing sustainable markets and value chains and communication customer needs to farmer suppliers.

We help producers find suitable markets, assist buyers to diversify their supply-bases and gain confidence in the supply chain.

By working with our local producers, they can improve quality, understand their market, increase production, and adopt best agricultural practices. We assist them to become niche suppliers of premium high-value product.

Sweet Relief chocolate

our work

Originally launched at the Pacific Cacao & Chocolate event in July 2022, our Sweet Relief chocolate bars support our charity and reward our donors.
Our friends at OCHO (Otago Chocolate Company) in Dunedin help us to transform beautiful Pacific sourced cacao beans into exquisite chocolate. 100% of the profits from these bars were used to fund our work helping farmers with disaster relief in the Asia-Pacific.
Funds from the 2023 batch of Sweet Relief are were used to support relief efforts, focused on helping Pacific Island communities and RSE workers impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand- in partnership with Bright Sunday, and aid in crop and community rehabilitation after the two disastrous back-to-back cyclones and earthquake in Vanuatu. The GAP team have years of experience with on farm disaster relief work, particularly for cacao rehabilitation and improvement.
Sweet Relief is made with just two ingredients – cacao beans and sugar – so it’s totally gluten free, nut free, dairy free, soy free, and suitable for vegans. When you buy this bar you not only get a delicious chocolate treat, but you also help our Pacific neighbours to recover and thrive after natural disaster strikes. What’s not to love?!
Keep an eye out for the release of our next Sweet Relief chocolate batch

Pacific Cacao and Chocolate 2022 show

our work

“An amazing success” – Slow Food Auckland

With something for everyone, the Pacific Cacao & Chocolate event brought interactive cacao workshops, LOTS of chocolate tastings, a drive into culture, and enlightened consumers to the small business stories from cacao growers and producer’s around the Pacific region.

All proving as reminders and confirmation that there are dedicated farmers, passionate chocolate makers, and loving families behind every chocolate bar you consume.

The 2022 event has been supported by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade New Zealand (MFAT) partnership programme through SPS Biota; and is a collaboration between Grow Asia Pacific Charitable Trust, Ms. Sunshine Organic Farms Charitable Trust, Samoa.

Click here for more information on how the 2022 event was.

Climate Smart Agriculture

our work

Grow Asia Pacific Implements SPS Biota’s Actions in Climate Smart Agriculture 

Experts assert that climate change will have significant effects on the frequency and severity of adverse weather events. Our focus on farm production supports food security objectives as well as maintaining livelihoods.

To get communities back on their feet after the disaster, it is crucial to adopt resilient and sustainable farming practices and recover food supply and lost income streams as quickly as possible.

To read more visit spsbiota.co.nz or view in PDF format here

Sustainable & conscious cacao farming